Pursuit of the philosophy is the driving force to achieve the SDGs!

Ecosystem Corporation SDGs Declaration


Ecosystem Inc. aims to achieve the SDGs through recycling of tiles and bricks.

●November 2018
SDGs Business Contest Best Award.
SDGs Business Award Global Innovator Award.
●December 2018
Ishikawa Eco Design Award Grand Prize.



  Won the SDGs Business Contest Best Prize at the World Business Council for International

  Peace in Hiroshima in 2018



About SDGs

 On September 25-27, 2015, the United Nations Headquarters in New York adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with the participation of more than 150 UN member leaders.The SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) will be the international goals listed there from 2016-2030.The SDGs, which promise to “leave no one behind”, consist of 17 goals and 169 targets linked to them, and are required to realize a sustainable world.


Ecosystem Initiatives





 A developed country with urbanization.Problems that the city faces include rising road surface temperatures in summer, uncomfortable nights, and heavy rains.On the other hand, developing countries are undergoing urbanization.Cities in developing countries, like developed countries, should not be asphalt and concrete covered.
 Roof tiles and bricks that exist worldwide are being generated in large quantities as ceramic waste as urbanization progresses.
 We have know-how on recycling of ceramic waste, and can provide it as a strong pavement material that has a water-permeable and water-retaining effect. We will continue to apply this know-how to domestic and overseas customers.







 The contents of tiles and bricks are porous substances. This is said to have a heat insulating effect and a water retaining effect. The permeable and water-retentive pavement materials made from these materials will help reduce summer heat.By absorbing rainwater on the road surface and retaining water, it prevents road surface temperature rise and heat storage.Since the porous material also has a heat retaining effect, it is considered to be effective as a pavement material for snow removal measures (road heating) in snowfall areas in winter.








 It is said that there are 700-900 million people worldwide without access to safe water. And many of the children spend too much time draining their water, preventing them from studying. Ingesting contaminated water can harm health and even kill lives.In addition, women are mainly responsible for water collection, and according to UNICEF's site, the total amount of time spent by girls and women around the world on water collection is 200 million hours per day, which is huge. That's right.Access to safe water is likely to lead to the development of the country and improved sanitation. 
 The mobile concrete plant supplies the necessary materials for reservoirs and waterways, etc., and solves these issues.