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As the pioneering company in the field of recycling roof tiles, we have been chosen by several in the public and private sectors. We are happy to provide you with our quality products and the know-how through our franchise network【K-Ground】.

We are now looking for partners (Franchisees & Distributors).

【Selecting a less competitive market】 ・・・ Blue ocean strategy

  • Less allows you to boost your profits and efficiency.
    【Introducing an established, reliable system】 ・・・ Reduces R&D costs
  • K-Ground System provides genuine technology with a long-standing history of the pioneer. By taking advantage of our established know-how, reduction in your R&D costs can be realized.
    【Minimum effort to create a new market】・・・Sharing of Experience and Information
  • ECO SYSTEM Inc. is located in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, where we have the maximum amount of annual rainfall (including snowfall) in the country, So we have experience in numerous installations under severe weather conditions. We can even share this experience with you.
If you are interested in our franchise system, feel free to contact us. ・・・ Contact At

【Paving material can be supplied anytime and anywhere with the in-vehicle plant GAIAX 12 (Mobile Batcher Plant)】




  Automotive plant "GAIAX 12 (Mobile Batcher Plant)" available on our network.
  It is a smart, ready-mixed concrete plant that can be loaded on trucks, etc., equipped with   Bluetooth, and can grasp the operating status even if it is far away with a tablet or a   smartphone. We also offer rental and material supply services so we will contribute to the   vertical launch of your new business. In addition, special concrete such as ultra-fast hard   concrete can be manufactured and it can be used for infrastructure maintenance.

The following is what we can provide you with.


  • The know-how of collecting or accepting discarded roof tiles.
  • Details of our installation technique for paving work or building materials.
  • Total business instructions (from manufacturing to product sales).
  • Instructions on how to obtain permission for engaging in the waste disposal business (limited to crushing of roof tiles).
  • Designing the plant for making aggregate.
  • Plant technology and installation of the system.
  • Our newly-developed products.
  • Installation instructions or installation itself when necessary.
  • Sales support and helping establish better sales system for your company.

【Complete Manual】

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■ Everything is written in our manual.

Except for certain variables, or the most common techniques, you will find all necessary information in the manual. When you have trouble, please be sure to refer to the manual. If your problem has not still been resolved, we can provide you with telephone support. If you would like, we can go to your site. *Please note that there will be a chargefor on-site instruction.


■ Various Sales Promotion Materials

You can share our sales promotion materials, such as brochures, etc. We can also provide you with reasonable original catalogs and brochures, or you may create your own website through the support of our related companies.

K-Ground C
K-Ground Co
K-Ground R
K-Ground Cort


Pictures of Installation Examples

K-Ground System For Joining our Franchise

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